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Summer 2022 Essay Contest Winner

Running doesn't always come easily!  That is why setting goals and meeting new friends is at the heart of Girls on the Run.  Girls on the Run fosters an environment where friendships can thrive so you are never running laps or crossing the finish line on your own. 

This summer of 2022, we asked our previous GOTR participants to share with us how Girls on the Run has helped them to be a better friend.  We are excited to share that one of our prior participants won the contest with her super inspiring story of the impact of GOTR in her life. 

CONGRATULATIONS Logan!!  Read below to hear her story:

"Underneath the hair, the clothes, and the music choices; my peers and I aren’t very different at all. I think this is something we learn as we get older, but the Girls on the Run-- Heart & Sole program has taught me this much earlier in life, and I am thankful for the experience. I am a better friend and a better person because of it. I hope to always remember the lessons I learned from GOTR, for example: that a little bit of support goes a long way, and that a simple hello from me, can be a powerful hello to someone else. I hope to remember that strength can be both physical and mental-- we all fall, and I am never alone in that. I know that sometimes it can be the very last person we thought that’s there to pick us back up. And mostly, I want to remember too always be brave enough to be a friend to anyone that needs one."

Thank you Logan for truly inspiring us with how participating in Girls on the Run has helped you to be a better friend!


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